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Happiest Colleges in the USA

princeton review
The annual Princeton review magazine

The 2023 edition of the Princeton Review’s “Happiest Students” list came with huge changes. The new 10 schools that have been voted the happiest colleges show a great change and a huge debate in school work, grades, and environment of students. After looking on the schools websites and searching for different reasons why these schools made the top ten on the Princeton Review, this is what was discovered.


#1 The number one happiest college is Texas Christian University which is voted that because of the student experiences and everything that the students are involved in throughout their college community. Most of the students say the friends and experiences made there last a lifetime


#2 The second school that is voted the happiest is Kansas State University. People there seem to be very outgoing and friendly to everyone causing the environment to be very welcoming to all students. Supposedly it helps people to feel as though no matter what they go through they will always have a friend nearby. 


#3 Thomas Aquinas College (CA) is the third-ranked school because many students say that the teacher life and the student life are so enjoyable. They have great tutors and help to get them through school and many people go into classes with an open mind ready to learn. 


#4 Washington State University is ranked fourth due to its large area of outdoors. It gives people a break from work and a way to connect with the environment when they are stressed. 


#5 Emory University is said to be a very happy and lighthearted school. The campus is “a community of care, embracing diversity, and providing a learning environment conducive to academic success.” (Princeton Review, Emory College)


#6 Auburn University is voted number six because “Auburn is an empowering experience where students are challenged and motivated to become men and women of the Auburn Creed; a dedication to excellence in academia and student life and a place rooted in tradition and support that becomes home.” (Princeton Review, Auburn University)


#7 Angelo State University is ranked number seven when it comes to the happiest schools in the country because it is said to be amazingly modern and much newer. The living standards are very frequently updated and this seems to make students feel better and more comfortable.


#8 The number eight ranked school is Wheaton College (IL) which seems to be due to the presence of religion on campus. Many sites say Wheaton is the standard-bearer for world-class undergraduate and graduate Christian education. 


#9 Coming in at number nine is the University of Dallas which seems to be appealing due to its welcoming campus and students who always want to learn with amazing professors and majors that help students find where they want to go in life. 


#10 University of Richmond comes in at number 10 with a solid research environment and they have great ways of collaborating with others. People who work well together and learn from each other. They do many hands-on activities. It’s very culturally diverse and helps to make people feel comfortable and at home when on campus. 

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