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We are living through some really challenging times. Only months ago, had you even heard of the concepts such as cohorts, asynchronous, social distancing, and PPE? Had you ever worn a mask or even knew where a bottle of hand sanitizer was in your home?

 The pandemic has created a special hardship for the Ramapo High School community. At press time, we are all experiencing high school by ourselves at home, isolated from each other. If things improve, some will return to school (less than half the school at a time), but even they have to maintain distances that are a roadblock to communications and relationships. 

 We at Rampage hope to help keep the Ramapo community connected for as long as the pandemic lasts and beyond (and brighter days are ahead). You may be reading this paper at home by yourself, but you are not alone. We are all part of a vibrant and caring Ramapo community. We hope to keep our extraordinary community connected by sharing news of interest, informing about what people in our community are doing and thinking, and maybe have a few laughs. We welcome any contributions or ideas about items for Rampage.   

 One final thought: this pandemic is not easy, and we all have our ups and downs. We hope that Rampage will connect you with our high school community. But know that there are also people in our community that can help if you need it. The Student Assistance Counselor (Ms. Mantashian, [email protected]) and our Guidance Counselors are two great, confidential resources for all of us.

 Be well, see you soon, and happy reading! 

 Sarah Chagares, Editor-in-Chief