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Senior Spotlight: Chris Cervino

Chris Cervino mid-states game
Bryce Drakeford
Chris Cervino mid-states game

Senior basketball player, #1, Chris Cervino, has been playing basketball since he was four years old. He hopes to continue his career on the court throughout his next four years at college. After this year’s Ramapo season ended with a State Championship, Chris has decided to attend a prep school next year. He wishes/wants to take a year before college and try and gain a better chance of playing basketball in his future.

Chris Cervino has been a Ramapo varsity basketball player since his first year walking on the court in 2020. He varies different positions from playing point guard to shooting guard, shooting amazing three-point shots from all angles of the court, and has the great ability to run the ball down the court and make a jump shot from almost any angle. 

After the end of Chris’s senior season, he walked off the court with piles of wins behind him and many awards placed in his hands. Throughout the four years at Ramapo, Cervino has helped his team win three sectional championships and two state championships. In his junior year, he was honored to win State Finals MVP. Cervino has grown immensely throughout the seasons as he becomes an even more skilled player, dribbling and rushing down the court. Not only did Chris make amazing shots for his team, but he also finished off his high school career with 34 points in his last game, granting him the 1,000 points award to cap off his high school basketball career (NJ.com).

Chris is a phenomenal basketball player, his shooting accuracy is something Ramapo does not see often when it comes to three-pointers. During this last basketball season, Chris ranked fourth in the state for most three-pointers made this year, ending the season with 97 three-point shots. Chris has made a huge impact on the Ramapo Boys Basketball program, from influencing his teammates to his coaches. His coach, Coach Vier commented on Chris’s basketball career by saying, “Chris has had one of the greatest careers of any player to put on a Ramapo Basketball uniform. He is the single greatest shooter in Ramapo basketball history, having made 200 – 3pt in his career and 95 alone in his senior season, which was top 5 for any player in the state this season.” He continues commenting on Chris’s skills saying,  “Chris was able to develop year over year, getting better in all aspects of his game. He is driven and dedicated to his game and his hard work was a big factor in the success we have had over the past few seasons.” 

For these past few years at Ramapo, Chris has helped to push the Ramapo team to many victories making shot after shot behind the three-point line and drilling the ball into the net. He has grown as a player and hopes to keep growing. He ended with 196 three-point baskets and 166 two-point shots in his career. (NJ.com) These shots helped push Ramapo and get them to States along with the rest of the team helping out. Chris is an amazing player on and off the court helping to support his teammates and friends. One of the younger players on the team, Ryan Goldman, describes Chris as, “an amazing teammate, he always brings his loud personality to the court and it’s a lot of fun to be around him and play with him.”

Chris’s coach speaks about Chris off the court as well by saying, “Chris is a very fun-loving, energetic kid. Chris’ personality is infectious, and although he can be a little loud when he is not supposed to be, he is a kid that is easy to love and has a good sense of humor.”

Overall, Chris Cervino is a well-appreciated basketball player who hopes to continue his skills and learn more throughout college as he moves on after graduation. His friends, family, and coaches are all proud of how far he has come in his basketball career and are even more excited to see how far he will go in his future with basketball. Ramapo High School Boys Basketball team thanks Chris for his hard work and dedication throughout the years and are excited to see where his future will take him.

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