The Senior Year No One Expected

Holly Shulman, Staff Writer

Instead of a final school year full of football games, events, and more, Ramapo has had to adapt to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. What started out as a two week “corona-cation” has now turned into a life-altering event that has changed the way we are currently living. For students at Ramapo, that means virtual school, and many events being canceled or going virtual. Especially for seniors, the cancellation of these events has been hard to deal with. 

While many students chose to have an all-virtual school experience, there are still many students going into school, now everyday, and enjoying the time in the classroom. For example, senior Arielle Zane says, “Going into school has honestly reintroduced much needed emotional interactions. There is something critical about being around other people everyday, in my opinion.” Clearly, for some students, going to school in person is an outlet for them to have the social interaction they have been lacking for the past few months. 

Although many events have been canceled, some have been altered from their original plan to fit the needs of the everchanging virus. For example, Gold Masque is planning to have an outdoor musical with a live audience. According to senior Megan Allen, “I am so happy that our musical is going to be in person! Although it was fun to have the play on Zoom, I am excited to have my final show performed in a safe way!” While actors wish they could be performing in their usual auditorium, Ramapo is adapting to changes in a positive way for the seniors to enjoy their final year in high school. It is impressive how much Ramapo faculty is trying to make senior year as welcoming and fun as possible, despite the circumstances. 

Ramapo High School is trying their best to make senior year the best it can be for the senior class (Source: Wikipedia). (James Calvano)


Despite everything with COVID, sports were still able to occur, staying safe, of course!
(Source: George McNish for NJ Advance Media).