How Has COVID-19 Changed College Applications and Admissions?

Gionna Maffei, Staff Writer

How has COVID-19 changed college admissions for seniors? Let’s start before COVID-19. Before COVID-19 emerged, college admissions were very different. You would be able to go into the college, without a mask, explore the school, see the dorms, and feel the vibes visiting the school in-person. Now that COVID-19 is a thing and is here to stay, life as we knew it seems to have changed. According to one of our seniors Cara Reed, “I think it has been different for everybody and there’s definitely upsides and downsides. It’s easier in a sense that most schools aren’t requiring test scores, but then again if you don’t submit test scores, you have to write supplemental essays.” Cara explains how college applications are easier since certain colleges aren’t requiring test scores. On the other hand, college applications have gotten worse for seniors because if you don’t submit test scores, you have essays on top of essays to write.

Another senior Kassandra Ruiz said, “For me, I would have said it was more difficult not being able to speak to guidance counselors in person and no in-person college visits which has intensified college applications anxiety for all seniors.” Kassandra explains that usually seniors would be able to go onto campus and have a tour to be introduced to the school they applied to. Since COVID-19 hit, seniors have not been able to do that. Instead, seniors now have to write essays to their schools explaining why they would be an amazing student and why the college should accept their application. This has put tons of stress on seniors, and the worst part is that they cannot talk to their guidance counselors in person to discuss their plans on going to their dream college. 

Both seniors Kassandra Ruiz and Cara Reed have expressed how college applications have been affected by COVID-19 positively and negatively. Other ways college applications have been affected by COVID-19 would be how more colleges are going test-optional. Meaning, this allows our seniors to not worry as much about tests. Another way college applications have been affected is by not being able to discuss one-on-one with their guidance counselors. Our guidance counselors hav

e been helping seniors with their college applications for years. Now that things are different, guidance counselors have been more virtual helping seniors with their college applications online. COVID-19 is here to stay and things are just starting to change more and more, but we are adjusting more and more as well.