Three Ramapo Seniors Inspiring Others to Make a Positive Impact in Their Community

Grace Lim, Life Editor

       In the midst of stress from school, work, and responsibilities at home—not to mention a global pandemic—life can feel overwhelming and difficult at times. When we feel the sometimes insurmountable pressure of our everyday lives, navigating the negativity can be challenging alone. And for many individuals, the COVID-19 virus has only intensified these feelings. Others, like myself, may be feeling uninspired, craving creativity and motivation in their routine since the pandemic first began early last year. 

      In hopes of inspiring students to cultivate their sources of inspiration, Carlos Chacin Ferro embarked on a mission to foster positivity in the Ramapo community and beyond to connect us all by the power of sharing our unique, personal stories. Carlos, along with co-founders Sophia Vernieri and Ethan Bravo, created Beechatty as an online space to support one another and promote personal growth. Carlos expressed, “I take much pride in being an active participant in giving back to the community that has supported me. I understand that it is easy for individuals to fall into a negative state of mind under the present conditions. [But] with that said, positivity is a choice.” Mahima Shah (‘22) agrees that the struggles brought on by the pandemic have been unprecedented and demanding: “For me, along with so many others, COVID has created a lot of extra stress and has been very overwhelming, so I love that there’s a place where people can feel supported and hopeful.” 

        Carlos, a current Senior Ambassador and former “Heroes and Cool Kids” ambassador, is not new to taking initiatives and leading his community at Ramapo. According to Carlos, “I want to spread inspiration as a way to help and support others, spark creativity, and make a positive impact in our community. I believe that inspiration can lead to a happy and positive mindset, which is the key to success and personal growth.” With Beechatty, Carlos aspires to help individuals “increase [their] chances of success, whether academic, emotional, social, athletic, or any other aspect of an individual’s life.” 

A positivity post featured on the Beechatty website (Photo Courtesy of

       Beechatty features stories and inspiration from individuals that submit articles, community-related events, and personal achievement anecdotes. Finding a supportive community is essential to staying focused on your personal goals, especially during these difficult times. If you want to learn about more ways to feel positively inspired, visit the Beechatty website at and follow their Instagram @bee.chatty to join a growing online community of positivity and encouragement.