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Night Swim: Best New Horror Movie or Flop?

A scary scene from Bryce McGuire’s film, “Night Swim”

Night Swim, the latest offering from Blumhouse Productions, takes audiences on a chilling dip into the murky depths of a seemingly ordinary suburban pool. The Waller family are new homeowners who soon discover their backyard oasis contains a secret – one that claims lives in exchange for granting wishes. 

The film’s premise is very intriguing. A haunted pool, fueled by dark desires and deadly bargains, taps into our fears of the unknown and the hidden dangers that lurk beneath the surface. However, Night Swim’s execution falls short of its potential. Critics have been divided with some praising the film’s atmosphere and suspense, while others find it predictable and lacking in originality. 

Well-known critics have a lot to say. Roger Ebert gave the movie 2.5 stars, claiming that  “Night Swim offers a refreshing take on the haunted house trope, but ultimately relies too heavily on jump scares and predictable plot twists” (RogerEbert.com). The Hollywood Reporter justified its 3 star rating, saying “Bryce McGuire’s direction masterfully builds dread, and the underwater sequences are genuinely unsettling. However, the film’s third act stumbles into familiar territory.” 

While critics remain somewhat lukewarm, audience reception is more mixed. Some viewers applaud the film’s suspenseful atmosphere and chilling visuals, praising it as a refreshing take on the classic haunted pool trope. Ramapo senior, Teddy Murray, just recently watched Night Swim and shared, “The quality of the movie was very good and a lot of the scenes gave you the feeling of a traditional horror movie. However, I do not think the plot of the movie was that great so I cannot rate it too highly.” Ramapo and Indian Hills Physics teacher, Mr Tuohy, stated, “I like horror movies a lot so I would definitely check Night Swim out. It seems different from your usual horror movie plot.”  

Night Swim is a film with undeniable potential, but its execution leaves something to be desired. While it delivers on atmosphere and suspense, the predictable plot and reliance on jump scares may leave some viewers wanting more. Ultimately, whether Night Swim is a refreshing dip or a shallow swim depends on your tolerance for familiar tropes and your appreciation for slow-burn suspense. If you’re looking for a unique and terrifying horror experience, you might be better off seeking thrills elsewhere. But for those who enjoy a good old-fashioned haunted house story with a twist, Night Swim might be worth a plunge.

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