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Winter Storm Warning: Get Ready for the Next Round!

Storms in mid-January left New Jersey covered in snow and ice.
Wyckoff Patch
Storms in mid-January left New Jersey covered in snow and ice.

Remember the snowmageddon from last week? Lucky for us (or unlucky depending on your preferences), there’s still plenty of winter left, meaning more snowy surprises in store. So what can we do to stay ahead of the curve and avoid getting snowed in?


Know Your Forecast: Bookmark the National Weather Service website (https://www.weather.gov/)  and/or your favorite weather app (AccuWeather, TheWeatherChannel, WeatherBug, etc.) For important information on impending storms, snowfall forecasts, and any possible winter advisories or warnings, check regularly for updates. Keep in mind that winter weather can change in the snap of a finger, so be prepared!


Gear Up: It’s time to reach into the back of your closet and find those winter essentials! Don’t be that person who wears shorts in the middle of a snowstorm. Make sure to have a pair of waterproof boots, a winter hat, gloves, and a warm coat. Having easily adjustable layers and snow leggings is crucial. Remember to have a high-quality snow shovel in case you need to clear your driveway or assist an elderly neighbor.


Prep Your Vehicle: Winterize your car! Check your tread depth, tire pressure, and windshield wiper fluid. Also, consider winter tires if necessary. When driving in the snow, you always have to be more cautious than normal. Avoid slamming on the brakes and drive slowly. Remember, sometimes leaving the car at home and waiting for the storm to pass is the best action. 


Gotta Get The Bread & Milk: Snowstorm coming? Before the storm arrives, stock up on food and other necessities. This way, you can stay inside and out of the snowstorm. In case the power goes out, make sure you have a good supply of batteries, flashlights, and maybe even some candles!


Be a Good Neighbor: See how your elderly or vulnerable neighbors are doing, particularly if they live alone. Offer to shovel their driveway or sweep their walkways. A little generosity during a winter storm may go a long way! Senior student Michael Samarro makes sure to always lend a helping hand to his neighbors. “I always volunteer to shovel my older neighbor’s driveway,” he said. “It’s something my parents taught me and my brother to do at a young age.” 


While winter weather can be fun, it doesn’t always come without its consequences. Economics teacher Mr. Witterschein enjoys having snow days, but he prefers the snowfall to be limited to under four inches. “Once you get past four inches, you end up spending way too much time shoveling which kind of ruins the snow day,” he explained.


By following this guide, you can stay safe, warm, and hopefully enjoy a snow day or two! Remember to keep an eye out for emails from Superintendent Dr. Baker for any storm-related updates or school closures. Stay safe and stay informed!

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