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Senior Spotlight: Logan Goldsmith

Owen Fall Photography
Logan Goldsmith partaking in the headchopper event during the Hackensack game on September 9.

Logan Goldsmith has been playing the trombone for the Ramapo Marching Band since the start of his freshman year. His confidence and skill as an instrumentalist has taken off since then, with him growing as a member of the marching band. He did not take the beginning of his career too seriously, however, he has learned to embrace his talent and has become a leader of the marching band during his senior year.

Goldsmith is now the brass captain; he has truly stepped up and taken his role into his own hands. He has practiced nonstop and taken control of head chopper practice, the iconic event that happens at every football game with Ramapo students in the student section jumping and screaming when it happens. He has continued to have a positive and uplifting attitude when he is around his bandmates, but he has also demonstrated great leadership skills. Every single band member is able to rely on him and count on him whenever they need anything.

Sara Bykov, senior of Ramapo and leader of the color guard, expresses that Goldsmith is “the kindest and most supportive person you will ever meet. He is unique in literally every way possible.”

Goldsmith has been a major contributor to the band as a whole, helping them be so successful for the past four years. Larry Neuburger, drum major for the Ramapo marching band in the past 2023 season, comments, “Being a good friend of his and having known him throughout high school, I can tell you he truly is very kind and a joy to interact with. Further than that though, the leadership skills he put on display this marching band season were incredible.”

He has continued to be important to the marching band and brought a personality to the group that has uplifted them all. Mr. Sloezen, the marching band advisor, emphasizes Logan’s reliability by stating, “I have had the pleasure of working with Logan for two years now and have been able to see his tremendous growth not only as a musician but as a leader. Logan is the type of student to arrive early and stay late to either help me out with cleanup or to help another student that may be struggling. He was vital to the success of the marching band this season serving as the brass captain and being a mentor and role model to many of the younger brass players.” Mr. Sloezen emphasizes the impact Goldsmith has had on the Ramapo Band community. Goldsmith is a great role model to all underclassmen in the band community due to his hard work and dedication to his instruments and position.

Logan Goldsmith will continue to have a lasting effect as he leaves the marching band this season. No matter where he goes, the impact he had will forever remain in the Ramapo community. Goldsmith will continue to do great things, and there is no doubt that he will influence his band at college, just as he has at Ramapo. We know Goldsmith will do great things in the future and we wish him luck in his future endeavors!

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