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What is Mock Trial?

Mock trial

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to participate in a court trial? What is it like to represent a client in a real court case? 

The Mock Trial club at Ramapo gives students an opportunity to learn about the judicial system and trial process, as well as the roles of both attorneys and witnesses in court cases. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in the law, or solely interested in auditioning and participating in an exciting, intense, unpredictable competition,this thrilling academic club may be for you. 

The goal throughout the season is to prepare to compete against other schools in the winter. Members have the exciting opportunity to compete at the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack and truly feel like they are a part of the trial process as it plays out in real life. They are judged by real attorneys and will be guided by an attorney advisor during the competition.

Ms. Gregory, the advisor of Mock Trial, discussed her passion towards being involved with the club. “When I started advising for Mock Trial I wasn’t involved in any clubs at Ramapo, but I love courtroom dramas and true crime cases, and I’ve taught sociology which looks at the criminal justice system, so I was happy to be able to dive into a club where I could learn more about that and share that with students who are possibly interested in doing that as a career some day!” Ms. Gregory compares a mock trial competition to any sporting event she’s attended at Ramapo – affirming that they are just as thrilling, tense, and compelling. “You also learn some great skills for college and the real world– including how to win an argument without ever even needing to raise your voice!”


Mock Trial usually meets 1-2 times per  week, in which they practice and review questions with the assigned attorneys or witnesses in preparation for the competition. Louisa Vranesich, a senior and the president of Mock Trial, expressed why she decided to become involved with the club. 


“I chose to join Mock Trial since I want to be an attorney in the future. I have been part of this club for 3 years, and I have grown a love for everything that this club has to offer. I am now the president of the club, and I handle training the witnesses and the attorneys. I was able to help teach some of the others in previous years and I really enjoyed interacting with the other Mock Trial members.” She believes that this club teaches students valuable life skills, such as how to properly argue/prove their point, as well as how to think on your feet and adapt to unpredictable situations. 


Mock Trial offers its members an array of valuable life skills and exciting opportunities just by  participating in a real life court case.

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