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A Whole Week of Po Pride

Lindsey Morrison
Drew Gibbs Memorial Field during the national anthem at the pep rally

Ramapo’s Spirit Week and pep rally is a school seasonal event that brings teachers and students together to share their pride. Spirit Week is all about celebrating our ‘Po pride and our school creativity! It’s a week for students to bond over their love for Ramapo and the energy is contagious. The best part? The spirit week ended with a school-wide pep rally showing off our fall teams!  

Senior Class President Jill Bavagnoli speaks on the importance of Po Pride as she says, “I love how it brings the entire school together, and gives everyone a common ground to support the Raiders. Without this connection, I feel Ramapo would be very different, and our pride really adds to the atmosphere of our students both inside and outside of school.” Bavagnoli consistently shows her love for Ramapo and explains how every student should have Po Pride!

This fall, Ramapo’s spirit week started with Adam Sandler Day. On Monday, the halls were filled with students participating in Spirit Week by dressing like Adam Sandler. Students dressed in long basketball shorts and oversized shirts just like Sandler himself!

On Tuesday, students and teachers dressed up in their favorite sports team jerseys! We had so many different sports teams represented, from basketball to hockey, and even some European sports teams. It was so cool to see the wide variety of sports fans in our Ramapo community!

On Wednesday, Ramapo stepped it up and dressed like their favorite teacher. It was not only a chance to show our admiration for Ramapo staff but also to display students’ creativity in playfully mimicking their favorite teacher! Even Ramapo staff joined in on the fun and dressed up as other teachers in the building!

Thursday was a classic pajama day, where students attended the school day in their most comfortable sleepwear. It was a day filled with coziness and relaxation during classes! Pajama Day created a warm and welcoming environment as everyone was comfy in their PJs!

Finally, on Friday the school came together for ‘Po Pride Day! The hallways were filled with students wearing their Ramapo spirit wear and athletes wearing their Ramapo sports merchandise. The excitement throughout the day grew as students became more excited for the pep rally to begin!


Ramapo teacher Ms. Gregory speaks on Ramapo Pride as she says, “Pride has carried us through tough times and boring days. There is more to school than academics; there is culture and integrity which comes from pride.” Ms. Gregory believes that school spirit is essential in improving difficult days. Ms. Gregory is determined to ensure that every student has a fulfilling high school experience, which includes embracing Ramapo Pride! 


Ramapo’s student government has consistently organized fun events to enhance the school spirit during every pep rally! To start the 2023-2024 school year off right, they arranged an exciting pie-eating contest and a friendly tug-of-war competition! To top it all off, they organized a soccer-style shoot-out with the school’s varsity soccer goalies and teachers! The Ramapo varsity goalies defended the goal from their teachers as the school-filled bleachers roared with every kick! The pep rally introduced the new senior captains for each fall sport and introduced this year’s marching band. 

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