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Simrin Anand
Simrin Anand

Simrin Anand, the founder of Hype NJ, has grown his shoe selling start-up into a million-dollar business, all the while still being  in high school.

He started his business when he was bored and had spare time during the Covid-19 lockdown. Like a true entrepreneur, he decided while at home to put this newfound time to use. Unlike most entrepreneurs, he created unique new design ideas that caused him to explode overnight and grow this once hobby into the real deal. Simrin has always been into fashion and found he could now use his fashion zeal to start a business and combine it with his true love for entrepreneurship. 

He did lots of research finding different ways to sell and buy shoes that had high-profit margins and were seen as a ‘need’ in the eyes of potential customers. He built his business by starting an Instagram account which now helps with his eCommerce. He then wanted to expand and continue living his dream, so he expanded onto larger platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Faire. After Simrin started his expansion, he learned new details that helped him not only sell shoes, but also sell items beyond sneakers. “Today, sneakers represent less than 50% of my monthly revenue. I sell products ranging from Lodge cast iron pans to Cuisinart kitchen appliances and of course sneakers,” says Simrin. He gained incredible business knowledge and has taken it to even greater measures than ever before. After speaking with one of the teachers that Simrin has grown closer to over the years, Mr. Russo comments on Simrin’s achievements and says, “I will always support small businesses and love Simrin’s entrepreneurial spirit.” Everyone seems to be extremely impressed with Simrin’s business. His friend says, “ I have known Simrin since elementary school. He has always been very ambitious. His business is the result of his hard work. What I think is most impressive is his desire to give back and help others start businesses of their own as well.”


Growing Business

His business grows larger each day, and now, larger companies are even reaching out in need of his expertise to sell their items. Simrin goes on to explain, “Much of my business today comes from distributors, who represent large brands, reaching out to me to sell their overstocked and “end of season styles.” This has made it easier to find profitable inventory–increasing my sales significantly.” In fact, Simrin has been able to make 1.4 million dollars in revenue total. 

Not only does Simrin care about his business, but as mentioned earlier, he cares about other aspiring entrepreneurs. Monthly, he connects with different people who have a similar goal of becoming entrepreneurs and helps them to grow their eCommerce businesses. With Simrin’s busy schedule between school work and his business, he has learned to combine them. For example, he is a proud member of DECA at Ramapo High School which helps him to continue learning about leadership and entrepreneurship; he also serves on the DECA New Jersey state board.

With Simrin’s booming business, he still knows that there will always be more he must learn and new issues that he’ll need to overcome. He explains that he wants to keep learning more about business even though he has already created Hype NJ– a huge success already. He wants to continue focusing on entrepreneurship in college and then implement it in the work that he has dedicated himself to for three years now. Simrin is a motivated young man who is very proud of his work and this is just the first step to a future he wants in business. He wants to keep learning, expand his current company exponentially and continue to help other eCommerce entrepreneurs. His family and friends are excited to see where this one time hobby and now, real business goes. Simrin is on a successful business path with his inventory and revenue continuing to grow. It will be exciting for all of us to see how his company, Hype NJ, expands in the future. 

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