Creativity Abounds in the Ramapo-Indian Hills District Art Show

Kathryn Haig, Editor In Chief

The Ramapo-Indian Hills District Art Show is an annual, month-long exhibit which allows art students from both high schools to display their work in a public setting. According to Mrs. Gibson, “It’s a good place for students to get that exhibition experience.” Senior Edie Fontaine, who attended the Art Show, claims, “It was really nice to walk around and see art by people who you may not have known were artistic. It also felt good to see my art up somewhere.”

Touting mediums of all sorts, the District Art Show includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, photographs, animations, illustrations, digital designs, and more with ability levels ranging from beginners to advanced Honors and AP students. Some even receive offers on their work. Mrs. Gibson points out that students “could actually make money at the show. It’s not mandatory, but if some people really love a piece, we’ve had people ask the art teachers [if they can] buy the work.”

Ultimately, Mrs. Gibson “think[s] the show was a good representation of the wide range of students we have, and the wide range of work we have produced at both schools […] we had a good turnout that night. […] it seemed like everyone was happy and enjoying the show.” 


The student artists whose work was displayed include Logan Ameres, Ava Ameres, Christian Anzaldo, Kaitlyn Arnold, Samson Bajakian, Lucy Balaam, Hudson Beauchamp, Gabrielle Becker, Nora Bellantone, Avarie Bergen, Briana Berisha, Ellery Bibergal, Sean Blake, Dylan Bodart, Eleanor Bollenbacher, Julia Brickman, Celina Brown, Ryleigh Burchell, Jacob Butler, Daisel Caceres, Ava Calabrese, Lara Cardan, Daniela Caso, Justin Causillas, Christopher Cheff, Yuwon Choi, Elle Cicerchia, Riley Cirminiello, Nicole Cocoziello, Shya Coello, Nora Coffey, Zachary Cohen, Sydney Colyer, Leia Corbisiero, Rex Councilor, Lindsay Craig, Ava Dandeneau, Matt Deamer, Avery Debiak, Sean Delaney, Bella Diaz, Nick Didato, Julia Elliot, Julietta Emmolo, Dylan Epstein, Steven Farkh, Josh Fishman, Edie Fontaine, Juliana Franco, Gabriella Frederick, Gianluca Galasso, Maria Garrido, Faris Ghoujal, Arielle Gomberg, Asher Gonsalves, Alexa Greig, Marco Gualda, Meredith Hagy, Brandon Haji, Rose Harvey, Hannah Harz, Audrey Hepponstall, Presley Holder-Yoon, Henry Horgan, Alyssa Horn, Jane Hourihan, McKenna Houston, Liza Iavir, Wyatt Jacobs, Ahmad Kamel, Maria Katsouris, Madeleine Kellogg, Pola Knyz, Jaclyn Kotora, Kali Kuffel, Ryan Kwon, Jude Lamki, Kimberly Lazzara, Leah Lorenz, Ella Lovell, Trevor Lucca, Nathan Mangino, Landon Manteau, Colin McCarthy, Emma McElkenny, Amanda Meaney, Leo Medvinsky, Alison Messineo, Julianna Miano, Eliana Miller, Chris Morasse, Melissa Morasse, Connor Moriarty, Brandon Natale, Natasha Newman, Aayush Parekh, Ashley Park, Chris Parks, Brandon Patoray, Joe Petruzzella, Matt Pezzuti, Hanely Pugols, Jordan Ricks, Sofia Rotella, Meredith Roughgarden, Marcus Rowe, Andrea Rubin, Aleah Sanders, Aidan Saslow, Noreen Shoaib, Erika Simonson, Sofia Stella, Allie Stellenwerf, Alexa Stolper, Garrett Stucke, Brooke Surratt, Gabriella Talamini, Leon Taylor, Callie Taylor, Catherine Thorn, Pluto Tirri, Alexa Topolski, Briellie Turner, Ava Tuttle, Jerelyn Valdivia, Coraline Vaysse, Gianna Vega, Alexa Venetsanos, Sandra Vitolo, Ava Weidmuller, Petra Welchans, Kristen Westdyk, Cara Woo, Rosemary Yang, and Connor Young.