Ramapo Engineering UP Projects

Natalie Byers

The Ramapo Engineering University Program recently finished two projects. The class of seniors was split into two groups: Group 1 comprising of William Dohrmann, Anthony Giampietro, Luke Jannazzo, and Maddie Kellogg, while Group 2 included Lucas Baiata, Josh Oring, Kyle Stamis, and Kirk Tsocanos. These eight seniors have been in the program since they were freshmen, and have worked hard to get to the point at which they now stand. 


The class of eight follows a strict set of chronological procedures in order to ensure a successful end product. The steps they follow include identifying the problem, framework, brainstorming, coming up with multiple solutions to problems, selecting the best solutions, creating a prototype, and then building and fine-tuning. Mr. Russo, the UP Engineering teacher explains how “University program engineers use the design process to develop solutions for ideas to help improve the classroom and community.” He further explained how many people see engineering as a very physical industry, while in reality it really isn’t. Each year, the senior UP project strives to create a system or process that can be used for years after it is put into effect.


After the class created their list of different solutions, the two that received the most votes to be carried out were setting up television monitors with updates on school information, and setting up computer monitors for the e-sports team. 


Group 1 worked toward improving the awareness of the school by re-establishing the use of several television screens around the school. You can find these in the senior commons, above the front security desk, and in the office. They notify our community of any important upcoming events and other necessary information for the students. Maddie Kellogg explains that by “using correspondence with neighboring districts and local colleges, [they] were able to present an idea to ITC that was carried out and implemented successfully.” Now our Ramapo community can stay on top of the school news and affairs.


While Group 2 initially had planned to build computers to be used by the electronic sports team, they had to modify their plan in order to accommodate the resources that were available to them. As engineers, the members of the UP are able to quickly adapt to change and overcome the obstacles that they come across. Group 2 was able to create a learning environment for future students by cleaning an entire room that was not in use, and relocating the school’s complex machinery and computer monitors into the room, which will benefit the current and future students of Ramapo for years to come. Josh Oring, a member of this group adds, “When engineers work together, it is amazing to experience how they can turn nothing into something special.” And that is indeed what this group did to the previously abandoned room, which is now in use by the Robotics Club. 


While the students ran into many hurdles throughout their process, they prevailed and overcame these challenges, ultimately resulting in their success. These two groups have accomplished very impressive things and will continue to help their communities in the future. Ramapo will forever be grateful to these eight seniors for their improvements to the school’s learning environment and quality overall, and they should be proud of their achievements and contributions. 


“Our goal is to create an environment in the school where students can combine academics and entertainment to create unique and exciting projects” (Josh Oring) *can be used instead of other quote