Madame President: Ella Fried’s Term as Leader of the Class of 2023

2023 Class President Ella Fried.

Amelia Fried.

2023 Class President Ella Fried.

Kathryn Haig, Editor In Chief

Leadership requires a delicate balance of strength, kindness, and resilience, and 2023 Class President Ella Fried has it all. A true leader, Fried has served as a member of Student Council for all four years of high school, working to, in her own words, “keep […] the class together, involved and proud to be a Raider.”

Despite her obvious knack for government and inspiring unity, Fried “was a little surprised when [she] was elected for student council as a freshman, and could not envision that [she] would be President of [her] class.” Yet, she is President, and she is remarkably good at her job. According to Fried, “It has been a challenge to generate student involvement at times. Being a part of COVID has changed our class because we have missed time together.” In spite of the obstacles posed by her fellow classmates and the psychological effects of an international, isolative pandemic, Fried has managed to build the sense of community the Class of 2023 failed to develop on its own, a feat she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish without her unfailing optimism. According to Mrs. Vander Molen, a 2023 class advisor alongside Mrs. Pamela Sibilia, “Ella’s constant enthusiasm, work-ethic, and all around positive vibe have been the ingredients for making our class a success.”

Fried prides herself on her ability to “always see the bright side of things,” having “learned not to overreact.” Knowing that such a mindset has “helped [her] to be balanced, maintain friendships and persevere during difficult times,” she seeks to teach others the value of calm in the face of adversity, positivity in the face of stress. Speaking from experience, Fried has “spent a lot of time worrying about grades, friendships, and life in general, but [she] know[s] now to breathe and relax, because most of the time it all works out the way it should.”

Fried, alongside her accomplishments as Class President, also serves as a member of the National Honors Society, a Senior Ambassador to Ramapo freshmen, a varsity Cheer Captain after participating in the sport at Ramapo for four years, and a co-founder of Helping Hands, which she describes as “a student-run community service hub to provide volunteer opportunities to Ramapo students.” According to fellow co-founder Gabby Teitel, “Ella is the most success-driven and determined girl I know. She made sure we were always organized and eager to accomplish our goals. Working with her was so much fun, and I certainly couldn’t have made Helping Hands possible without her!”  Fried clearly finds satisfaction in, as she says, “working with others and doing things for the greater good.” Mrs. Vander Molen explains that “Mrs. Sibilia and I have always appreciated Ella’s willingness to always step in and do the work needed for all of our events, and fundraisers. Ella is a true leader of this class and we are confident she will continue her success in the future.”

Committed to Clemson University for the Fall of 2023, Fried plans to major in Communications with the goal of entering the entertainment industry and moving to either New York or Los Angeles.

Ella, the Class of 2023 thanks you for your service as Class President – we don’t know what we would have done without you and your infectious enthusiasm. We’ll miss you and wish you all the best!