Revolutionizing education, or encouraging cheating? The double-edged sword of Chat GPT in education.

Simrin Anand

Chat GPT, developed by Open AI, took the world by storm during its launch in November of 2022 gaining one million users in just under 2 and half months. This revolutionary tool can do everything from developing code, to writing essays; but with its great capabilities comes concern over academic integrity, and job security.

Artificial intelligence has long been demonized as the scary future of robots taking over the world. While Chat GPT certainly isn’t going to be taking over the world anytime soon, it is definitely too good at what it does for comfort. In fact, this technology has gained the valuable attention of Microsoft: “So promising are the tool’s capabilities that Microsoft — amid laying off 10,000 people — has announced a “multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment” in the revolutionary technology, which is growing smarter by the day” (Mitchell New York Post).

When asked about his concerns about job security as a result of Chat GPT’s introduction, sophomore Ignacio Guerra says he believes that people may actually have an easier time getting a job as people could use Chat GPT’s features to craft a resume, or give them interview tips.

Chat GPT did not take long to gain the attention of millions around the world. While it may help you with tasks today, the question is: will jobs for humans become obsolete?

Along with the concern over job security, students have also taken it upon themselves to use Chat GPT’s features in the classroom. Chat GPT’s incredibly human-like features allow it to perfectly craft any essay with a simple prompt, raising concerns about academic integrity among teachers. Despite many AI detectors out there, none of them are perfect.

Mrs. Corrin Manzo, an English teacher at Ramapo High School, thinks that artificial intelligence like Chat GPT has pro’s and con’s in education. Mrs. Corrin Manzo believes that a taboo should not form around the idea of using Chat GPT, however students must stay honest in the work that they submit. As technology in AI detectors advances, she believes that students will no longer be able to use it to cheat. In the meantime however, she says she has resorted to giving more in-class essays and tests to compensate for the possibility of students cheating on traditional essays. Her biggest concern however, is that students will be missing out on learning important writing skills by using Chat GPT to cheat on writing assignments.

There is no doubt that Chat GPT is a great resource for both educators and students. But it is important for students to learn and develop their skills in school.