Club Highlight: Philosophy Club

The newly created, and engaging Ramapo Philosophy Club

Gian Brar

The newly created, and engaging Ramapo Philosophy Club

Peyton Koutrakos

Free thinking. Subjective analyses. The probing of any and all ideas. These are the values that drive society, and Ramapo’s Philosophy Club has their roots embedded in them, pushing the minds of Ramapo past the normally conceived ideas, and into a world of philosophical endeavors. Created by Juniors Gian Brar and Connor Layng, and advised by Ramapo teacher Mr. Babuska, Philosophy Club makes clear that “Paid-Thinkers” have no spot in their organization.

How Meetings Operate

Prior to the meeting, the topic, for example, ethics, is posted beforehand in order to allow members to generate some ideas, as well as some resources they can use to learn more about the topic and gain a better understanding. In order to introduce everyone to the central focus and to spark minds, philosophically-testing scenarios first are presented to everyone, and from there on, free thinking ensues. Anyone can share their opinion, anyone can interpret in any way they see fit, and anyone can propose a counter argument to a previous statement to take the conversation even further. “I hope to inspire others to think more deeply about the ‘truths’ we take for granted,” Gian Brar, co-founder, explains, “and to examine the fundamentals of logic, morality, and reality. The radical difference in opinion between our members is what we value most, so we welcome contrarians with open arms.” The knowledge and prominent principle of that meeting is then intertwined within the conversation, educating members and bringing clarification and reasoning behind the thoughts expressed previously. 

The Creation of Philosophy Club

Brar explains that he created Philosophy Club “to give students a platform for them to debate and discuss topics generally considered too abstract or impractical for other discussion-centered clubs […].” Philosophy Club has undergone an extensive delay in their schedule, as their first meeting took place in October, and they couldn’t continue until the board approved, which took three full months. Brar explains that it was a difficult, bureaucratic process in order to have Philosophy Club become certified and have their own schoology group, and he even wondered whether or not it would ever be. Through all difficulties in getting the club established, the reward of more than 30 members and immersing discussions was enough to promise an auspicious future. “I will always work to maintain this club and make it as enjoyable as possible,” says Brar,  “because I believe that philosophical conversations are not only fun, but necessary for our education, and need to be a greater part of our school system.”

Ramapo’s Philosophy club will not only better your understanding of topics that have fueled the minds throughout history, but will also let you discover more about yourself, how your mind operates, and what beliefs/principles you hold that may not have been noticeable beforehand.  “The Philosophy Club is a great place to openly discuss our perspectives of reality,” says Mr. Babuska, “and subvert our own truths.”