New York City Marathon

More than 50,000 people running the marathon across the Queensboro bridge into Manhattan.

More than 50,000 people running the marathon across the Queensboro bridge into Manhattan.

Courtney Collins

Every year, there is a 26.2 mile marathon that is held in New York City, where anyone can join and try their best to complete. This marathon is a longstanding tradition of the people in New York, and it brings in runners from all over the world. 

This long run causes people to have to train months in advance and build up their endurance to complete the race. People who decide they want to run in the NYC Marathon normally start training up to 20 weeks before the race. Everyone gathers to watch their loved ones and friends run in the race and hopefully watch them cross the finish line. 

This year’s race was held on Sunday, November 6. It started bright and early at 9:10 A.M when the first wave of people flooded through the starting line. This year the winner of the marathon was Evans Chebet, from Kenya, who came in with a time of two hours and eight minutes. Running non stop for almost 30 miles, he came 3 minutes away from beating the fastest time of two hours and five minutes. 

So many people continue to run this marathon because “it is the most impressive marathon in the most fascinating city on Earth,” says Andreas Marathoni, an annual participant. Many people say running the race is to help them feel better about themselves and bring themselves into a “new era of life” as they are proud to have completed a new challenge. Yet, when reading some of the top reasons why people choose to run the race, they say it’s because “The crowds were immense all the way round,” (Rippingale) and that “I felt the crowds all the way through the race. It was a giant block party and the city was electric!!” (Stannard Fuerte) and even, “The roar of the crowd will lift you up like no other race” (Levine). All of the runners not only love the race, but they also love the positive energy that comes from people supporting and cheering them on in such a beautiful city.

Ramapo teacher, Mr. Zmigrodski, ran in the race this year. When asked about what he thought about the race and if he would do it again, hee responded saying, “My marathon experience was amazing. This was my first marathon and it did not disappoint at all. The NYC marathon is the largest marathon in the world. Over 50,000 people run this race.” When discussing what he enjoyed about the marathon, he stated, “My favorite part of the race was running through the five boroughs of NYC and seeing and hearing all the amazing entertainment. Almost every mile marker had a different performer. Rocks bands in Brooklyn, dancers in Queens, drum circles in the bronx. It was like the biggest block party you always wanted to be invited to.” Finally, when asked if he would ever do it again, he said, “I would totally do it again. The people in NYC and the world come out for this race. This race is an international spectacle. I was running alongside people from all over the world. I call this race the people’s race, strangers cheering on strangers all with the same goal to get you across that finish line. 26.2 miles is a long way to go and I needed every bit of inspiration to keep going. There were so many awesome motivational signs throughout the course. The people of NYC truly helped me finish that race.” 

Also, a junior at Ramapo spoke about her Uncle doing the race. She told the story of how her Uncle was given a number from someone the night before the marathon, who was recently injured and couldn’t participate in it. Her Uncle then woke up the next morning and completed the race with no training.that the only thing that kept him going was the confidence that the crowds gave him.

Overall, this race has been being run since 1970 and continues to bring in new people and more fame every year. It is loved by all of New Yorkers and will continue to bring the city together to help cheer and chant for people crossing the finish line of the 26.2 mile marathon.