Ramapo Hockey Recap

Sophomore, Jonathan Kalpagian, after a face off in the win over Ridgewood.

Steve Hockstein

Sophomore, Jonathan Kalpagian, after a face off in the win over Ridgewood.

Courtney Collins

According to NJ.com, Ramapo’s Ice Hockey team is going on 14 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie for the season going into Gold Cup (Big North) this month. They have had multiple great games, such as when they crushed Mahwah or when Ramapo played our school rival, Indian Hills. They beat Hills twice with a score of  8-0 in the beginning of the season and a second game later in the season with a final score of 9-2 (NJ.com). The team’s last few games suffered a tough loss against Highlands as their biggest rival team in counties and then played them again February 7th in a good game but another tough loss of 1-5. The Ramapo Hockey team has an amazing junior goalie, Matt Carlson, with 512 saves this season. They have had a great season so far and are heading into the postseason with their heads high. Currently, in the Gold Cup league, also known as Big North, Ramapo’s hockey team is 7-1 and in Liberty Stripes as they move forward continuing to head towards winning Gold Cup. When talking to the head captain and starting defense, Jack DeKorte, he feels that the team works very well together and have had a great early success. Ramapo won their division for the first time in 10 years and are excited to make it first in their conference. Jack Dekorte repeatedly says, “we’re more like a family than a team and it has really helped us get to where we are.” 

Big North and States

Going into the post season the team is preparing to play different schools and have more intense competition, yet are planning to go out with just as much motivation and hard work to try to win a state championship for the first time. When speaking with Jack Dekorte he shares, “We’re all really excited at the opportunity we have this year and know that we have a chance to make history.” The team is ready to go against some more difficult teams and play good games into the postseason. Both Jack DeKorte and Coach Russo feel as though the teams biggest rival during states this year will be Northern Highlands. Yet, if they “support each other, work hard, and believe in each other” (Russo) they will have the best chance of winning states and hanging their first banner since 2004. 

Stand Out Plays and Players

This team is “a family” and have great chemistry on the ice when heading towards the goal. Both Braeden Guitermen, one of the top point holders on the team with 50 points, 18 goals and 32 assists, and Jake Rosalanko, assistant captain with 22 goals this season, work extremely well together when working to send the puck into the goal. They have led the team with shots and encouraged the team to grow when on offense. On the other hand, Ramapo’s hockey defensive line, held by Jack DeKorte and CJ Moran, loves to help on offense when the team goes up to score.  In one of the tough earlier season games against Randoplh, the team was down in the third period with under five minutes remaining, and sophomore, Jonathan Kalpagian, was able to make three amazing goals, and Danny Mauriber scoring an empty net to seal the game, bringing the team to a victory with a final score of 5-3. (NJ.com) Looking back at the season, Ramapo’s top penalized players Tommy Styles followed by Jonathan Kalpagain hold about 30 mins in the box with strong pressure and great hits. (NJ.com) Overall, the Ramapo Ice Hockey team is heading to States and are ready for whatever team or challenge might be heading their way. Senior Captain Jack believes that “we play our best when we’re confident and working together, so if we continue to do that going into the postseason I think we’ll be really happy with the results.” The Ramapo Ice Hockey team is preparing for what’s coming next this season and are excited to get this chance in States and Big North.