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Ghostbuster Afterlife

The Spanglers and Mr. Gooberson

Addi Palmer, Online Editor

Ghostbusters is a household name. There is not one kid that doesn’t know the words to the theme song or the characters. Ghostbusters has been a Halloween fan favorite since the release of the first movie in 1984. A group of scientists battle the supernatural creatures haunting New York city. After the release of Ghostbusters 2 in 1989 production stopped for good, until the release of Ghostbusters (2016) starring some of our favorite comedic actresses. Now here in 2021 we have Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Starring Paul Rudd, McKenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, and the original Ghostbusters cast, the movie focuses around a single mother and her two kids, Trevor and Phoebe. After the death of Trevor and Phoebe’s grandfather, the three move into his old home and soon realize they have a connection to the original ghostbusters and continue out their grandfather’s legacy.
“We went as a family the day before Thanksgiving and were all pumped to be at the movies for the first time in a long time. For me the film was a little slow to start and included a lot of child actors who were good, but not great. However, the storyline did pick up as the children find out that their grandfather, Egon (Harold Ramis in the original) is actually sending them messages from the dead about how to save the world. For those of us who knew the Ghostbusters franchise, it did an excellent job of providing nostalgia for the 1984 film and paying homage to the late Harold Ramis and his character Egon Spangler,” says Mrs. Manzo.
But not all people loved this movie
“Ghostbusters was ok for a reboot, which isn’t a huge compliment because most reboots aren’t very good. I liked how a lot of the scenes in the movie were filmed, but the story dragged on and the dialogue was kind of strange. All in all, they busted some ghosts and I thought that was pretty cool” says Nick Hendrickson, a sophomore.
If you’re looking for a movie that will make you jump and laugh, head on over to your theater and watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife!