Staying Organized This School Year

The word “organize” is the main idea and surrounding it are words associated with the term, (Simply Organized).

Nancy Nino

The word “organize” is the main idea and surrounding it are words associated with the term, (Simply Organized).

Gianna Amato, Life Assistant Editor

The word “organize” is the main idea and surrounding it are words associated with the term, (Simply Organized). (Nancy Nino)

Welcome Back:

As the school year starts up again, fall creeps its way in, and we get back into the groove of in-person learning, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Balancing jobs, sports, and clubs can be tricky as a young student, especially when it seems everybody else has it together. So, here are some great tips from your classmates and teachers about how you can be productive and successful this school year.

Must-Try Tips & Tricks:

It can be very easy to slip into bad habits and enable yourself to give in to the pressure school puts on many of us. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to relieve some of this stress. When you get home from school, it’s a good idea to eat a snack and get comfortable before beginning your work. Next, you are going to want to choose a wise place to work where you know you won’t feel inclined to rest or do other things. This will ensure that your distractions will be limited and you will be able to focus on the task at hand. Now that you have a designated working area, I would recommend taking the following with you: a water bottle, your phone plus some headphones, a healthy snack, and your bookbag. By bringing all your materials with you, there will be no reason to leave your seat and get sidetracked. Finally, it’s time to start your homework.

When working, many students like to listen to music. For some, the lyrics can cause them to lose focus. A great alternative is to choose an uplifting score from a movie you like to keep you on task, or you can use the internet to find some videos containing white noise, rain sounds, fire crackling, and more. Another resource that is most likely sitting next to you right now is your phone! Many might associate the device with “distraction,” but it can also be used as a tool to advance your learning. There are many apps that can be downloaded that let you create to-do lists and keep digital planners to help you remain organized. A third tip that has the potential to lessen your workload is to break it up into smaller pieces. A great way to do this is by finishing a section of your work and then rewarding yourself with a healthy snack, a short break, or whatever you desire. This gives you an incentive to get your work done quicker and more efficiently. Soon, you’ll have all your work done, at last giving you some free time to wind down and do something for your own enjoyment.

What Should You Take From This Article?

Essentially, these tips and tricks are supposed to make your life easier when it comes to schoolwork. However, you can also apply them to your everyday life when it comes to your job, clubs, and anything you need help managing. It might seem intimidating at first, but staying on top of your work will ultimately benefit you. As Cynthia Zhou, Ramapo Junior, puts it, “I would say the hardest part of getting work finished is starting it; once you get over that threshold it’s much easier to complete your assignments.” However, it’s also important to remember that school isn’t everything, and taking care of yourself should always come first. It’s okay to be unproductive or struggle at times, but it’s just as necessary to bounce back and keep on going!



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