Male Athletic Senior Spotlight: Chris DeBellis


Pictured is Ramapo lacrosse player Chris DeBellis, an amazing long-stick middie who has just committed to playing for the Fairfield lacrosse team (courtesy of ConnectLAX).

Jack Houston, Sports Editor

Honing his talents since the 3rd grade, Ramapo long-stick midfielder and defender Chris DeBellis has proven himself as a monster on the lacrosse field. Over the course of his Ramapo lacrosse tenure, DeBellis has wowed students and fans with his on-the-field spectacles and has solidified himself as the rightful team captain. His stats this year only prove this fact. With 4 assists, 68 ground balls, and 41 caused turnovers so far, DeBellis is nothing short of one of the best players in the state.

Over his lifetime, DeBellis has spent countless hours perfecting his craft, participating in events such as the NXT Boys Summer Showcase and the Sweetlax Invitational Showcase in 2018, Inside Lacrosse Invitational and IL Fall Invitational in 2019, and another Inside Lacrosse Invitational in 2020. DeBellis’ hard work has been noticed and awarded over the years by being placed on teams such as the Fab-40 all-star team in both 2018 in 2019. 

With heavy experience under his belt, DeBellis has aided the team to a good record of 11-6. Debellis’ leadership gene has also bolstered the chemistry between teammates in which players of all classes have become friends off the field.

“The team chemistry is great and we have a lot of talent,” says DeBellis. “Everyone from freshman to senior is close.”

This tight-knit team chemistry has allowed DeBellis to fully utilize his role as the captain and provide support for everyone on the team. He’s helped them become relentless and hardworking, traits that coaches tend to describe him with.

“My teammates would say I’m a good player and someone to learn from,” says DeBellis.

DeBellis has built a new mindset over the years at Ramapo. Lacrosse is not all about the stats or the glory, but it’s also about making memories and gaining life experiences. High school only lasts for four years, so DeBellis took advantage of that and made his time on the lacrosse team memorable.

“My favorite part is playing with my best friends and making memories on the field,” says DeBellis. “We’ve been waiting for the chance to play our senior year for a long time, especially after losing last year. This year has been something special, so it’s been a good time.”

Even though his time at Ramapo is over, his quest to perfect his game is not over. Because of his success over the years, DeBellis has been offered a spot on the Fairfield University lacrosse team.

But before he leaves for his future school, DeBellis has a few final words for the people who have helped him along the way.

“I’d like to thank all of my coaches for believing in me and trusting me to do my thing,” says DeBellis. “I’d also like to thank my teammates for helping me get better and supporting me.”

Ramapo has been a key step in DeBellis’ path for glory, and he’s surely going to remember his time at this school.

“I’m going to miss the great atmosphere that the school has,” says DeBellis. “It’s a great school to grow up at. I’m also going to miss my friends from all grades.”

Chris, we at Ramapo are certainly going to miss watching you showcase your magic on the field!