Music Senior Spotlight: Kate Fleissner


Marching in the Band (Photo Courtesy of Mr. Vaiata).

Ella Connors, News Editor

Ramapo has an incredible history of producing students who excel in all sorts of areas, academically, physically, and socially. The Ramapo band is one of those groups where students are allowed to flourish artistically in a still academically motivated environment. An accredited Ramapo senior who has taken a huge role in making the Ramapo music department what it is is Kate Fleissner. Kate Fleissner was a part of Ramapo’s symphonic band during her freshman and sophomore years of high school. She joined Wind Ensemble, which holds the reputation for being slightly more prestigious, her junior and senior years, and has also been a consistent member of the Ramapo Marching Band. This means that she has constantly been showing up to represent Ramapo at football games and other events, highlighting her school spirit and dedication. Fleissner plays the flute the majority of the time, which she has been playing for eight years, and just last year decided to add a new instrument to her repertoire, the piccolo. She says that her favorite part of playing an instrument is when everybody plays together as one. That she has enjoyed being a part of a band, a solid, collective group.

As such an active member of the music department and the music culture as a whole here at Ramapo, it is only natural that Fleissner has been able to develop some amazing memories. Fleissner said that one of her favorite Ramapo band memories was marching in the DC Parade her freshman year. She also recalled having a great time marching through Magic Kingdom back in 2019. This was a part of the band’s incredible Disney trip, which is one trip of many that have made up a huge part of the music culture here at Ramapo. Furthermore, Fleissner immensely enjoyed band camp every summer, as well as simply going to band class during the school year. Sometimes it is the simple memories that shape us and make us who we are. A fellow flutist who has played with Kate for a while compliments, “Kate is an amazing flute player, and I also remember her being very welcoming to me my freshman year.” Given these amazing experiences, and people she has touched, it makes sense that she would miss Ramapo and everything that it has given her these past four years as a music student. Fleissner stated that she will miss the “friends [she’s] made and the teachers [she’s] had,” while also saying that “everyone [she’s] met here is so nice, and [she] will miss everyone.” Fleissner has also been lucky enough to work with the amazing band director, Mrs. Sarracco, for the past four years. She has helped her to become the flourishing music student she currently is. Mrs. Sarracco says, “Kate has grown so much as a musician these past four years. She has been a loyal and dedicated Band Member performing with the Raider Marching Band, the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble. Kate has also served as Marching Band Assistant to the Director and Woodwind Captain and Wind Ensemble, Principal Flute her senior year. She will be missed.”

But there always comes a time in life to let go of what was, and to build something new. Fleissner says that she has plans to continue playing in college. Her music career does not stop short here. She would like to be a part of her university’s marching band, pep band, and concert band. It is amazing that she will be able to take the knowledge she has gained as a student here to college with her, to only obtain more skills and become an even better and well-accomplished musician. We wish her the best of luck!