Ramapo’s Favorite Holiday Movies!

Laura Manis, Entertainment Editor

It’s that time of year again! Billions of families across the globe getting ready to watch their favorite holiday movies together. What better way is there to prepare for winter festivities? This year, Rampage asked the Ramapo staff and students what their favorite holiday movies are. Here are the results.Survey of Ramapo's Favorite Christmas Movies

In First place we have 29.6% for Elf, Second place 27.8% for Home Alone, and third place 20.4% for The Nightmare before Christmas. Some wrote in their favorite holiday movies that were not featured such as, Die Hard and A Year Without Santa Claus being among the most popular.

In addition to these holiday classics, many production companies continue to release new films, however not all are greeted with positive reviews. NBC released a 2020 rendition of The Grinch Starring controversial Glee Star Matthew Morrison. Reception was overwhelmingly negative. One Ramapo Junior, Wyatt Walloga, bluntly stated, “It was traumatizing. I have never seen a Grinch portrayal so bad…” Ouch! Do you agree with Wyatt? Ramapo junior, Audry Roughgarden has expressed that the classic movies featured above “Have a certain Christmas magic to it that this production simply lacked.” Maybe others at Ramapo will give this rendition of The Grinch a chance and feel differently about the performance!

As shown by the Rampage Survey, people are very passionate about their favorite Christmas movies.There’s nothing quite like watching that first holiday movie of the season. It’s great to see Ramapo in the holiday spirit! Did you see your favorite holiday movie on this poll?

Matthew Morrison as The Grinch (Photo Courtesy of People Magazine).