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Can Deion Sanders Complete the Turn Around Once Again?

Deion Sanders at the Colorado Buffaloes vs. Oregon Ducks game

Deion Sanders has brought a team from total obscurity into National prominence. The two time Super Bowl champion is bringing the Colorado football team to the spotlight and drawing in the most elite athletes around the country who are deciding they want to play for him,  not because of the school’s reputation, but because of the coach.

High School recruits are choosing to play for Coach Prime (Deion Sanders) rather than a big-name university. Why? Wouldn’t you want to play for a team coached by someone with one of the most exceptional professional careers of all time? Engaging, compelling, and charismatic are all aspects of his true leadership that could bring not just the team, but the players to greatness. Travis Hunter, Deion’s recruit, had many offers from big-name colleges like the University of Georgia and the University of Michigan. However, he chose to play for Jackson State because of the newly signed, determined, and dominant Coah Prime. Sanders brought a college football team from nothing to a team with an overall record of 12-1 and undefeated in their conference. 

Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes opened up the start of the season against TCU (Texas Christian University), which was ranked fourth in the country at the end of last year. The Buffaloes finished off the game with an overall score of 45-42 making their first game a totally unexpected win. Chloe Moros, a junior at Ramapo states, “I truly think Sanders could help the team flourish throughout this season.” As Coach Prime has started guiding the Colorado Buffaloes he is demonstrating a dramatic move from the past year with an overall record of 3-2 so far. This season, their most recent loss was to USC (University of Southern California), the 6th-ranked team in the country. During the game  against USC, the Buffaloes were down 34-7 in the second quarter. The Buffaloes were able to bounce back and make the loss very meaningful as they ended the game with a score of 48-41. Something that seemed impossible last season against a team like this. 

Coach Prime believes that honesty and true constructive criticism is how you will get to the top. When first meeting with the Colorado Buffaloes football team he told the players to start taking a look at the transfer portal. Sanders did not want players on his team to be indifferent and unloyal to the game. If that didn’t fire them up enough to rise to the occasion and prove him wrong then they were clearly not the right fit for the team. With that comment, many players on the team from the prior year left. 

Coach Prime has already demonstrated a significant turnaround this season compared to the one win in overtime the Buffaloes had last year. After already turning around Jackson State’s football team it is clear that Sanders could truly flip any college football team right side up and lead them to an outstanding season. Mr. Nangle, a teacher at Ramapo states, I feel that Deion Sanders will help to bring a new attitude to college football and the recruiting process. He is already doing what a lot of other college coaches are doing with social media but he’s doing it with a different kind of swagger that you don’t see from other programs. If Deion is successful you will definitely see more professional athletes go on to be college coaches.” To keep a college football team afloat for a consistent amount of years is something that can be hard for any coach to accomplish. However, Sanders is no other coach. He knows what he is doing and trusts himself throughout the process. 

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