Our Leading Lady: Maria Katsouris

Maria Katsouris at the Winter Pep Rally.

Henry Horgan

Maria Katsouris at the Winter Pep Rally.

Emily Jedell, Life Editor

As most of you know by now, March is Women’s History Month! It’s a time to celebrate women from all walks of life and career fields. Although as Ramapo high schoolers we aren’t able to make as much of a mark outside of our local communities, some of us hope to make a big difference in the world one day. Until then, there are positions and responsibilities around us that need to be fulfilled by those teens who have what it takes to make it all happen. They’ve simply got what it takes! She’s got what it takes! 

You may ask who I am talking about, but she is much closer than you think. She’s Maria Katsouris—our very own Student Government President. Student Government President is a very special position in our school,” says Mrs. Ferro. “The student in this role learns so much about how our school works and how they can make a difference for their classmates.” You can always count on Katsouris to get things done! You can also count on her to take pictures at any Ramapo function too, of course. 

Katsouris has positively contributed to our school community throughout her four years of high school. “After three years as president of class council, last year I decided that it was time to move on to have more responsibilities and more of a say in the good of our school,” she declares. She took her chance, and prior experience, and was voted into the position she is so passionate about today. 

No matter what may be on her plate, she shows up to school each and every day with a smile on her face, eager and ready to appear on our projector screens presenting the morning announcements. That takes real dedication! However, there is so much magic that goes on behind the scenes that only Mrs. Eustice and Mrs. Ferro, the Student Government Advisors, would know about. 

Katsouris declares that “Mrs. Ferro has been [her] biggest supporter throughout this whole journey. She was the one who encouraged [her] to run for president in the first place and her belief in [Maria] is what really made [her] confident to do the job. She is constantly pushing [her] to be the best [she] can be and is always there to help [her] out.”

The feeling is mutual as Mrs. Ferro has her own special words to say about our Student Government President. When asked which one word would be best used to describe Katsouris, she stated, “genuine! She is always herself, true to her values, and caring about those around her. She is very easy to work with, and I will definitely miss her next year.”

If there is one thing to take away from Katsouris, it is that you should “never let fear stop you from what you want to accomplish, even if you have to do it afraid.” Be comfortable being uncomfortable and you may just be our next Student Government President!

She’s this school year’s leading lady. She’s Maria Katsouris.