Outer Banks: Lost Treasure

Gianna Amato, Life Assistant Editor

After Season 2 of Outer Banks, which premiered in July 2021, left so many loose ends, young adults everywhere eagerly waited for a follow-up to the tumultuous storyline. On February 23, 2023, the show’s third season was finally available on Netflix. The plot follows our main characters on their journey to find missing treasure in the Caribbean while also facing struggles of their own.

Unfortunately, the latest season is the most disliked. Ramapo Senior Justine Brozyna-McNamara says, “So far this season is not as good as the other seasons, as the story has been slow-paced. However, there have been many interesting new characters introduced.” Fans of the show have grown accustomed to fast-moving stories and plenty of action, and while this season isn’t void of either, most of the episodes seem to lack the same flair that made the series so popular in the first place.

One Rolling Stone critic explains in a review on Rotten Tomatoes that “Season Three fails to find a compelling reason for Outer Banks’ story to continue, and leaves little doubt that sustaining a fourth season may be an impossible mission for the Pogues.” With that said, the show has been renewed. Emily Rotella, a senior here at Ramapo explains, “Although [she] didn’t think it was the strongest season, [she] enjoyed it nonetheless and was still entertained by the story.” 

The general consensus on Outer Banks season 3 is that, in comparison to the first two, it falls flat. With that said, many still enjoyed watching, and you may as well. But will that be enough to bring fans back for season 4, or will the series end sooner than expected?