It’s Getting Hot in Here: Chris Evans is the Sexiest Man Alive

Chris Evans


Chris Evans

Constantine Rutigliano

Every year People magazine crowns one celebrity the “Sexiest Man Alive”. Last year, the recipient of this title was Antman star Paul Rudd. How are the men chosen for the mantle? CNN reports that in order to determine who is the most sexy, “sexy” must first be defined. Essentially, People collects data from focus groups on what is deemed “sexy” that year. It could be muscles, dad bods, smiles, and even philosophical standing (CNN). The 2022 recipient of Sexiest Man Alive was Chris Evans, who is known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel franchise, Ransom in Knives Out, and many other movie credits. It seems that the Ramapo community doesn’t believe that Evans deserved this title however, like Ramapo Junior Gionna Maffei who said, “I don’t think that he should have won, there were better options. Definitely top three though.” Many students, of all genders, said that Evans was too generic of a pick and that Micheal B. Jordan would have made more sense, despite having already won in 2020. Mrs. Manzo, an English teacher at Ramapo, said that she did not think Evans was worthy of the title either, claiming that she didn’t even know who he was. It would seem the general consensus is that Chris Evans, while handsome, should not have been deemed “Sexiest Man Alive.” What do you think? Who would you have liked to see on the cover of People magazine?