Senior Spotlight: Savannah Ring


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Pictured is Ramapo softball player Savannah Ring showing her grit and determination on the field

Jack Houston, Sports Editor

The fierce and competitive nature of sport cannot be better exemplified by Ramapo softball star and legend Savannah Ring. For the past four years, Savannah has graced our school with never before seen majestic showcases on the field and has guided Ramapo into a new age of dominant softball. As such, in order to give Savannah a proper goodbye from Ramapo, this article will detail the awe-inspiring feats, records, and statistics of the phenomenon of the field.

Savannah’s love for softball seems almost ingrained in her very being. Even at her first exposure to the game at age nine in 3rd grade, she has experienced a bond with the sport not seen with many other athletes. However, a lot of the fuel added to Savannah’s internal fire to be better can be credited to her father, a parental figure whom she expresses deep care and thankfulness for.

“He used to take me to the batting cage any chance he got and always pushes me to be better,” says Savannah. “I wouldn’t be where I am without him.”

Savannah’s deep drive to do great things in the sport has clearly paid off given her statistical achievements acquired throughout her years at high school. Throughout her career, Savannah has amassed 128 hits on an outstanding 0.504 batting average and an even more impressive 0.606 slugging percentage (average number of bases gained per at-bat). She has also garnered an impressive 121 runs, 75 RBIs (when a run is scored due to the individual being at-bat), and 22 home runs. She is also extremely sneaky when it comes to stealing bases which she has stolen 53. Savannah’s dominance on the field immediately contributed to the school’s overall dominance in which her freshman team finished 19-5 record. After that, her junior team amassed a 27-5 record while this current year’s team has a 15-3 record (High School Sports New Jersey). Her contributions have not gone unnoticed in which she had her first first-team all-state recognition last year along with other awards such as North Jersey Player of the Year,’s New Jersey Hitter of the Year, and MaxPreps Best Player in New Jersey recognition.

However, softball is more to Savannah than just the stats and the recognition. Her rather aggressive style of play and mentality of not missing out on any opportunities has helped develop her into a leader, giving her a better relationship with her teammates around her.

“My favorite part about this team is how well we all get along on and off the field,” says Savannah. “We have so much chemistry and that definitely contributes to our success. There’s truly never a dull moment.”

Savannah’s appreciation for her teammates is not one-sided. Her leadership and passion for the game have made Savannah a key role model and friend for her fellow players.
“I try to set a good example for underclassmen especially and always try to be seen as a leader on my teams,” says Savannah.

Her overall appreciation for Ramapo and the people in it is also abundant.

“Without a doubt, I’m going to miss the friends I’ve made the most,” says Savannah. “This year my friends and I have become so much closer, and I’ve made a lot of new relationships. It’s really allowed me to make the most of my time in high school and I’m definitely going to miss it.”

Savannah is poised to continue her athletic and academic excellence at the University of Connecticut. Ramapo won’t be the same without you, Savannah!