Sarah Strikes 200 in Sabre


Sarah and her coaches celebrating her 200th win. Photo Courtesy of Ramapo Girls Fencing Team

Cooper Poggioli, Sports Assistant Editor

Where have you been if you haven’t heard the name Sarah Chagares floating around the Ramapo community in some fashion. From the Morning announcements, to student government, academic decathlon and of course her incredible fencing career, it seems that Sarah can be in multiple places at one time. Her most recent feat among her long list of impressive accomplishments comes her 200th high school fencing win.  

Sarah’s fencing career has been nothing short of perfect. Not only has this 200th career win proven of an already known fact, but it marks history. Sarah is one of only 3 fencers to ever achieve the goal of 200 wins in a high school career. And the other two athletes weren’t affected by the pandemic the way Sarah was. Her junior year season was cut short because of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and her season was drastically changed. Despite this, Sarah still managed to squeak by 26 wins, an impressive year without a disease stricken world. In her more typical years, Sarah started her career off strong with 56 wins her freshman year, showing the promise of a matured fencer even in her first year in the environment. She followed that impressive run with an astounding 75 wins as her sophomore in her first year as team captain. She certainly asserted her dominance setting herself right up there with the upperclassmen, but after her junior year with 26 wins and then the 52 wins she has racked so far this year set herself far above the rest, becoming the first female fencer in Ramapo history to ever reach 200. The 3rd year captain seems unfazed by being the winningest fencer Ramapo has ever seen. However, she remembers the moment when she reached number 200 fondly and recalls it by saying, “It was a real surprise when I won my 200th match. The coaches and my teammates knew and rushed out to the fencing strip and I had no idea why. That was a wonderful memory. It has been an incredible privilege to compete for Ramapo.” Even when describing her own accomplishments, she makes sure to acknowledge her teammates and coaches and the role they have had in her career, really displaying the pure humbleness that this senior athlete holds. 

Sarah will be leading the Ramapo Sabre Squad to the State Championship after dominating in the District 1 Championships. She has been competing in her own ventures aside from Ramapo as well, qualifying for the 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 National Championships, competing in all except for the 2020 season (canceled due to Covid). As if this wasn’t enough, Sarah set her sights on the world stage competing in the Junior Olympics in 2019 and 2020. Along the way in her career, she has earned All-League, All-county, and All-State honors multiple times over and it is obviously very well deserved. Sarah’s work ethic is seen through the ambitiousness that she displays in all areas of life. Rampage advisor Ms. Manzo wrote about Sarah’s determination and dedication to the school paper, writing for all four years: “She published an article in every issue ranging from pieces reviewing the school play to the importance of voter registration and favorite side dishes for Thanksgiving. Sarah met all deadlines. Sarah has an excellent ability to articulate her thoughts and create insightful, informative writing pieces.” It isn’t just the fencing coaches that she impresses but every one who becomes aware of her impressive accomplishments. It is very evident that Ramapo fencing will suffer from the loss of Sarah as she takes on bigger and better things at Columbia University next year. The Ivy-League school is certainly gaining an all around great student within the ranks of long tradition.