Come Visit the Library!

Emily Jedell, Life Editor

As we continue our studies in high school, it is important to remember that we have access to our very own school library! Every day is another opportunity to take a peek at what is new in the world of literature. Whether you enjoy reading or not, there is always something for everyone. However, some students are not well-informed on the first step to checking out a book at the school library while others find that they check out more books from their local, public library. Junior Francesca Hansen says, “[She] normally [goes] to the public library because they have a bigger selection of books.” However, with the collection our school does have she would “[go] to the school library if [she] had more time to read for pleasure.” Mrs. Ferro, our Library Media Specialist, has some great advice for students who are hesitant to stop by the library or want to start reading on their own time. If you don’t know what genre book to pick, she says that “students have recently been checking out lots of mysteries, and author Karen McManus has been a favorite. If you haven’t tried one of her books yet, you should.” 

With such busy schedules, sometimes it is difficult for us students to find the right book, but sharing our suggestions within our school community can make the process that much easier. “I think if someone gave me a good recommendation or if I heard of someone enjoying a book or genre I would be inclined to check out a book from the library,” says junior Alexia Koulikourdis. For individual book recommendations, Mrs. Ferro suggests classics like “Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice [and] Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.” To make picking a book more convenient, “check out the Ramapo Library Schoology page to access our online catalog. I love helping students pick out a good book to read,” says Mrs. Ferro. 

The library is arranged with multiple high-top tables, along with many lower tables where students can choose to sit and study during their lunch periods. Eating lunch in the library is a great opportunity for students to get ahead on some work on those stressful days, quietly read, or just have a calmer atmosphere to quietly catch up with friends. Throughout the busy day, it is important to take a quiet moment to breathe and stay centered. “We are also open until 4:00, so students can stay after school to work alone or on a group project. We have lots of supplies for any assignment and are the printing center for the school community,” Mrs. Ferro says. Come visit the library and you might just be surprised with what you’ll discover.



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