The World Cup: Predictions and Insights



Pictured are some members of the Brazil team who are one of the favorites to win the 2022 World Cup

Jack Houston, Sports Editor

The biggest sporting championship in the world is almost underway with countries everywhere competing to show their prestige and dominance over the sport of football. Qualifiers and early games are underway and perhaps you would like to catch up a little bit on current rankings, statistics, and predictions that can help you dive into the deep world of international football. This article will cover not only favored teams and matchups, but also star players and players who can have a breakout performance this tournament.

So far, 13 teams have qualified for the World Cup including Qatar, Brazil, Argentina, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia, England, and Germany (Sporting News). Numerous of the teams who have qualified already are extreme favorites for winning the whole tournament next year in Qatar. According to The Telegraph, Brazil (14%), France (14%), England (13%), and Spain (11%) are the clear top four contenders for the whole tournament.

Brazil is an overall well-balanced team with big name players such as Neymar leading the team. However, Neymar has recently gotten injured in a match in Saint-Etienne, marking him down for numerous weeks (ESPN). This thus forces other key players on the team include goalie Alisson, defender Danilo, midfielder Ribeiro, forward Junior, and numerous others who have shown their worth in this year’s Copa America. Brazil also proved itself to be one of the most overall solid teams in the world during the 2019 Copa America where they won the whole tournament without the presence of Neymar (Goal). The reigning champion, France, is up there in dominance and talent alongside Brazil. Players such as Pogba, Pavard, and Benzema are just a few examples of the talented players within this roster.

Even though many experts have solidified their top picks for potential winners, it’s also important to consider the underdogs, or sleeper picks, that can do some damage in the tournament. The Score points out how Canada, a team that has gone relatively unnoticed in the past few years, is an extremely unappreciated team full of talent led by star talent Alphonso Davies. This team has players of all varieties of skill sets, making them a dangerous foe in the tournament. However, recognizes the drive that Argentina can have going into this tournament. This might be Messi’s final chance at a title, and Argentina surely has the talent to make at least a great effort.

Although we will have to wait until next year to find out the true soccer powerhouse of the world, these next qualifiers will certainly provide us with great football excitement. Many at Ramapo are surely excited!