Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: Farewell Seniors, 2020-21 School Year

Sarah Chagares, Editor in Chief

Graduation is approaching quickly and, on behalf of the Rampage staff, I bid the Class of 2021 a fond farewell. I take this opportunity to recognize the wonderful seniors on the Rampage staff: Natalie Fortunato (Creative Director), Kathryn Swatek (Online Editor), Grace Lim (Life Editor), Renata Chusid (News Editor), Megan Allen (Staff Writer), and Holly Shulman (Staff Writer). These individuals’ contributions to Rampage were extensive and were a main reason for the successes the newspaper experienced this year. And, of course, Mrs. Manzo was a determined and incredibly supportive advisor to Rampage, and we are so grateful to learn from her. Finally, thank you to our generous patrons for their contributions.

This has been a very challenging year. We had hoped that the nightmare of COVID-19 would be short-lived, but we are only now re-emerging to what we had regarded as normal as the numbers of people sickened by the virus drops. It was a struggle for all. We were isolated from others in our Ramapo community, our routines were radically changed, and we were kept from many things important to us. For instance, who could have anticipated that we would be forced to attend class from our homes and on our laptops? We were unable to cheer on our sports teams together, enjoy our artistic offerings live, or experience many of the events that we so eagerly anticipated. For the seniors, many could not visit the colleges they were considering. And who would have anticipated a Ramapo campus only partly populated, and even those people clad with masks? Students, teachers, and administrators patiently adapted throughout the year though, and we are moving in the right direction. Indeed, the seniors and juniors held proms and the seniors will get to complete their high school years with a live graduation. 

I wrote in my first Editor’s Letter this year that an aim of Rampage this year would be to keep our extraordinary Ramapo community connected. We reported on student accomplishments and activities in academics, sports, the arts, and the community at large. As may be expected, COVID-19 was a central focus for our readers and we published articles on many COVID-19-related topics, including how it affected the seniors’ college searches, wellness, sports and other activities, class schedules, the SATs, and students’ lives. We focused upon news outside of Ramapo as well. For instance, our entertainment articles covered a broad spectrum, from what was streaming, to what was new in music, to the latest literature offerings—a welcome diversion from the pandemic.

We will all continue our journeys when the 2020-21 school year ends. For the seniors, again, I wish them farewell. For everyone else, we look forward to returning to Ramapo in September with hope and excitement. I urge you to get involved in a club or other activity to become a part of the fabric of the renewed Ramapo community while perhaps pursuing an interest, making some new friends, and helping the greater community. For example, you are most welcome to join the lively, creative, and fun group that makes up the Rampage staff!

Thank you for reading Rampage this year, be well, and enjoy the summer. There are great things around the corner!