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Mitt Romney Announces He Will Not Seek Re-election

We need a new generation of leaders.
Senator Mitt Romney

In a surprising announcement that has garnered nationwide attention, Senator Mitt Romney has declared that he will not seek re-election. Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and the Republican nominee for president in 2012, has been a fixture in American politics since the early 2000s.


 Romney cited the need for a  “new generation of leaders” to step up and take on the challenges facing our country as his main reason to not seek re-election (Washington Post). The question of “how old is too old” in politics has been one that has divided many, especially in recent years, as more and more and more politicians are serving at older ages. While some may see this as a sign of Romney’s own retirement, others view it as a call to action for young people to get involved in politics and make their voices heard. 


“The times we’re living in demand the next generation step up and express their point of view and to make the decisions that will shape American politics over the coming century,” Romney said in his announcement. He said those in his generation are “not the right ones to be making the decisions for tomorrow.” (Washington Post).


Ramapo Junior Andrew Glushanok agrees with Romeny’s rationale saying “The younger generation needs to be more involved with politics–it’s time for people that can relate to us to represent us in government.”


Based on recent polling numbers offered by CNN, the citizens of the United States are looking towards the 2024 presidential election being offered two candidates who would both be the oldest president ever elected (CNN).


In his announcement, Senator Romney urged former President Trump, 77, and President Biden, 80, to follow his lead and make room for a new generation to shape the country for the next generation (The New York Times). 


However, others argue that experience is needed in government. Despite giving up her position as speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, 83, has announced that she will be running for re-election in 2024 (CNN). 


“I think it’s important for me to use my knowledge of the Congress, my knowledge of the city, my concern about the country for the benefit of my constituents. So it was really more about responsibility,” Pelosi told reporters at KGO (CNN). 


When asked about the situation regarding Mitt Romeny, AP United States Government and Politics teacher Mr. Vander Molen says: “Considering the Constitution allows citizens of the U.S. to become Senators at age 30, the fact that the AVERAGE age is so high, I would tend to agree with Mitt Romney’s comments about needing a new generation of leaders.  I think it is important to have the discussion regarding age in our government – if there is a minimum age requirement for members of the House, Senate, and President, should there also be a maximum age limit?”


Dozens of questions arise when thinking about what the future of the United States government will look like. The most important one perhaps is: Will Mitt Romeny’s decision start a trend within the government? Only time will tell. 


Mitt Romney’s decision to not seek re-election is certainly an important one as it represents a pivotal turning point in generational influence in the United States government. Romney’s decision reflects his dedication to the principles of democracy and the belief that the United States benefits from new perspectives and voices. 

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