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Come on Barbie Let’s Go Party!


Who’s the girl who can change the world and empower the next generation of women? Barbie, of course! Barbie is committed to representing each and every girl and proving that you can be anything. She started out as a model but became a fashion designer in 1960. Her outfit was called “Busy Gal” and included accessories, such as a designer portfolio with fashion sketches. In the 1970s, Barbie decided she was going to be an Olympic athlete. She won gold medals in figure skating, gymnastics, skiing, and swimming. What a talented girl! In the 1980s, Barbie became a rock star. She started her own band called “Barbie and the Rockers.” In the 1990s, Barbie got down to business and became an executive. She was the first Barbie that could talk, saying, “I have an email!” In the 2000s, Barbie became a culinary master TV chef. Barbie cooked on camera and had a kitchen with lighting just like a TV studio. In 2010, Barbie became a robotics engineer. She wanted to help more girls become interested in STEM. In 2020, Barbie grabbed a hard hat and became a renewable energy engineer (CNET). These are just a few of the multiple careers Barbie has had over the years. Barbie demonstrates the power of creativity and ambition and shows you truly can be anything.

Barbie has fashionable outfits and so many careers, but she also has many four-legged friends! Barbie’s first ever pet was a horse named Dancer who was adopted in 1971. Today, Barbie’s pet squad has grown so large that you may even think of it as a zoo! Barbie went on a safari and got a pet zebra named Zizi. She was part of the 1989 Animal Lovin’ Safari Barbie set. Zizi showcased Barbie’s appreciation for wildlife and endangered animals. Barbie’s pretty kitty, Blissa, came to the Babrie family in 2005. She is a pampered Persian cat who enjoys the finer things in life. In 2008, Barbie’s pet squad added a new pooch, a golden lab named Taffy, who is always seen with a pink bow and matching leash. Tawny, a horse, was added in 2011 and displays Barbie’s love of horseback riding, the outdoors, and adventure. A few years later, two other dogs were adopted, including Lacey, a tan Chihuahua, and a poodle named Sequin (FIGO).  Barbie’s squad of furry friends continues to grow every day. Who knows what pet she will adopt next? 

What’s Barbie up to today? In modern life, we seem to see her name pop up everywhere! There are food products that feature Barbie, including Barbie Swoon pink lemonade, Barbie Pinkberry frozen yogurt, and Barbie Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. Barbie is also seen on many clothes at popular stores including PacSun, Forever 21, and Bloomingdales. It seems like a Barbie shopping spree to me! Barbie is even partnered with many popular beauty brands, including a NYX Barbie makeup collection, Barbie OPI nail polish, and Barbie cake brand hair care products. Spa day anyone? Not only is she involved with food, clothes, and cosmetics, but there is even a real life Barbie Dreamhouse! Located in Sunny Santa Clara California, the Barbie Dreamhouse is available for rent on Airbnb. There is an HGTV episode about it being built called “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge”. Eight teams of designers from several shows on HGTV worked on the Dreamhouse. Competing against each other, each design team had one week to complete their area of the house (Time). The house features bright fun colors and resembles. Barbie inside and out. 

In Barbie’s very own movie, she stars along with Ken and all of Barbie’s friends. They are having the time of their lives every day in Barbieland. Barbie wakes up every morning and has a perfect day. She goes out into the world and makes a difference, all while having fun with her friends. Every night, Barbie has a big party and then a girls night with all of her girlfriends. But one day, Barbie wakes up and not everything is perfect. Barbie gets a feel for what it’s like in the real world for each of us every day. Barbie is told she must go into the human world in order to understand herself and discover her true purpose. Her boyfriend, Ken, hops along for the ride, although Barbie doesn’t want him to. As the movie progresses, Ken becomes evil and wants to go back to Barbie Land and make it his own “Kendon”. He changes Barbie’s Dreamhouse, calling it “Mojo Dojo Casa House,” and forces all the Barbies to be slaves (Barbie). The Barbies must unite to take their power and independence back, and ultimately prove that girls can do anything. 

Barbie has clearly been a big influence on people all around the world. In the future, she will continue to grow, take on new careers, and collaborate with brands to sell Barbie-themed products. She will continue to have a significant impact on everyone, inspiring us all to dream big, and remind everyone, especially young girls, that we can do anything! 

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